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Biography--Whose Would You Read?--By JERI

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Hi, Bloggers! This is JERI, filling in for John today.

I think everybody has a story worth hearing. You, Me, the guy who delivers your mail. I am pretty much hooked on the whole A&E Biography series. No matter who the topic is, if I take the time to watch, there is bound to be something disclosed that makes me think, "Wow. This is interesting." (Or words to that effect...)

Whose biography do you want to read (or watch)? Let's break it down. You can talk about whose baseball biography you'd like to read, and/or who else's story you'd like to read. Let's pretend that the biography has to be actually true, not just some vanity press issue.

I'll go first:

Baseball Biography: Jose Canseco..Call me twisted, but I really spend time wondering who injected steroids into his bottom. (That's wrong, isn't it?)

Rest of World: John's Grandmother, the Late Olga Audeh. She lived to be 102, lived all over the world and was a very interesting woman to speak with. She was 5' nothing tall, and could bring all five of her very dynamic children to their metaphorical knees with a single look. I would bet her biography would be hard to put down.