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Twins Real Time Shadow Draft

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1) Nevin Griffith, RHP, Middleton HS, Tampa: I like Ben Revere but not in the first round and Matt Harvey is too rich for my blood. I'll stick with my guns and go with my favorite Griffith.
2) Brian Friday, SS, Rice
3) David Newmann, LHP, Texas A&M
4) Tim Smith, OF, Arizona State University
5) Marcus Davis, OF, Alcorn State
6) Damon Sublette, 2B, Wichita State
7) Wynn Pelzer, RHP, University of South Carolina
8) Chris Kissock, RHP, Lewis-Clark State
9) Austin Krum, OF, Dallas Baptist
10) Eamonn Portice, RHP, High Point
11) Andrew Schmiesing, OF, St. Olaf College
12) Josh Oslin, RHP, University of Minnesota
13) Keith Conlon, OF, Texas Christian
14) Ryan Kussmaul, RHP, Madison Area Tech JC (Wisconsin)
15) Daniel Latham, RHP, Tulane
16) Delta Cleary, OF, Jonesboro HS, Arkansas
17) Matt Vance, SS, Harvard
18) Dusty Napoleon, C, University of Iowa
19) Kenny Smith, 2B, Western Carolina University
20) Aaron Jenkins, LHP, University of Northern Iowa
21) Robert Rhoden, RHP, Vanderbilt