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BEGIN SUPPLEMENTAL ROUND.We need to speed this up, so go ahead and pick as soon as you see the person ahead of you pick. If the delay gets too long I'll make the pick myself. PLEASE USE THE FIRST ROUND THREAD FOR COMMENTS ABOUT THE FIRST ROUND

31) Nationals: Nick Schmidt, LHP, Arkansas
32) Giants: Wendell Fairley, OF, Mississippi HS
33) Braves: Will Middlebrooks, INF, Texas HS
34) Reds: Nick Hagadone, LHP, Washington
35) Rangers: J.P. Arencibia, C, Tenn
36) Cardinals: Pete Kozma, SS, Oklahoma HS
37) Phillies: John Lucroy, C, Louisiana-Lafayette
38) Blue Jays: Brett Cecil, LHP, Maryland
39) Dodgers: Brad Suttle, 3B, Texas
40) Padres: Michael Burgess, OF, Florida HS
41) Athletics: Kyle Russell, OF, Texas
42) Mets: Aaron Poreda, LHP, USanFrancisco
43) Giants: James Simmons, RHP, UC Riverside
44) Rangers: Jake Arrieta, RHP, TCU
45) Blue Jays: Ryan Dent, SS, California HS
46) Padres: Drew Cumberland, SS, Florida HS
47) Mets: Travis d'Arnaud, C, California HS
48) Cubs: Yasmani Grandal, C, Florida HS
49) Nationals: Neil Ramirez, RHP, Virginia HS
50) Diamondbacks: Greg Peavey, RHP, Wash HS
51) Giants: Kyle Blair, RHP, California HS
52) Mariners: Chris Withrow, RHP, Texas HS
53) Reds: Jack McGeary, LHP, Mass HS
54) Rangers: Grant Desme, OF, Cal Poly
55) Red Sox: Kentrail Davis, OF, Alabama HS
56) Blue Jays: Chris Carpenter, RHP, Kent State
57) Padres: Joe Savery, LHP, Rice
58) Angels: Dan Duffy, LHP, California HS
59) Athletics: Sean Doolittle, 1B, Virginia
60) Tigers: Kyle Lotzkar, RHP, British Columbia HS
61) Diamondbacks: Cole St. Clair, LHP, Rice
62) Red Sox: Casey Crosby, LHP, Illinois HS
63) Padres: Kellen Kulbacki, OF, James Madison
64) Padres: Josh Donaldson, C, Auburn