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Bob Fireball Crystal Ball

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Here is a crystal ball for our hypothetical young pitcher Bob Fireball...someone asked for this and I thought it would be a fun exercise.

He goes to Vandy, pitches out of the bullpen as a freshman and sophomore. Moves into the rotation as a junior but has an ill-timed injury, I'm assuming a non-arm injury, let's say he hurts his knee or something. He comes back as a senior or red-shirt junior, pitches well, gets drafted in the ninth round by the Twins, signs. His velocity doesn't pick up as much as expected in college...when he's drafted he's throwing 87-90, but he did improve his breaking ball.

After a mediocre full-season debut in 2012, he comes roaring out of the gate in '13, blowing through the Florida State League. Promoted to Double-a he finds the going there rougher, and stagnates at that level for awhile. Gets traded to the Angels in the spring of 2015 as a throw-in. Gets released, signs with the Tigers as a free agent in '17, makes an adjustment in spring training and improves his command, ends up in the majors briefly but is nervous. Spends the next six years bouncing between Triple-A and the majors with various teams, as well as a little stint in Japan.

Whaddya think? Anyone want to fill in the blank with some biographical details? What happens to him after 2023?