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I want to get your opinions about something.

Here is the link to the Minor League Baseball scouting report about Phillipe Aumont. Please watch his video.

Now, here is a link to the scouting report about Florida high school pitcher Nevin Griffith. Please watch the video.

Is it just me, or does Griffith look better in his video than Aumont looks in his? To my eye at least, Nevin looks smoother and looser on the mound...his delivery looks better to me intuitively. He doens't throw quite as hard but his velocity is still plenty and I like his breaking ball.

I'm not saying anything negative about Aumont, he looks great too. But is Griffith underrated? Baseball America has him as a possible supplemental pick, but frankly I wouldn't be afraid to pop Griffith in the later half of the first round. Am I nuts? What do the pitching experts around here think?