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The Final Hypothetical

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The final hypothetical for Bob, our young high school pitcher who wants to go to college and see if he can make big money in the draft in three years.

We are going to switch this a bit and plop Bob down in the middle of the country, St. Louis, Missouri. We're also going to increase his fastball from 86-88 to 90-92. Everything else still applies: he's projectable, needs better breaking stuff, wants to go to college and get an education, and is not emotionally mature enough for pro ball in your opinion. He needs to go to college for personal growth. . .you don't want him to sign right out of high school, and the scouts agree that he's not ready for the pros mentally and emotionally.

However, instead of being just a strong regional college prospect, he's one of the most highly-sought-after pitching recruits in the entire country. The following schools (who ranked highly in the regional hypothetical voting) have offered him a scholarship. Where do you send him?

Cal State Fullerton
Georgia Tech
Notre Dame
Wichita State