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College Hypothetical Part II

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OK, let's say that young high school pitcher Bob Fireball grew up in Des Moines, rather than Sacramento. Remember, he's projectable, throws in the mid-to-upper-80s, throws strikes, but needs a better breaking ball and will definitely benefit from going to college. The following Midwestern schools have offered him a baseball scholarship. Where should he go?

Missouri State
Texas A&M
Wichita State

Additional considerations: Illinois, Iowa, and Kansas all say that they will give him a full shot at the starting rotation as a freshman. The other schools won't commit to that, and Rice, Texas A&M, and Wichita State aren't sure he'll pitch much at all, although all three think he'll have a shot at the rotation by the time he's a junior. Also keep in mind that academics and social environment are important. Young Bob is very bright but has some growing up to do.