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Mock Draft/Real Draft Royals

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Mock Draft/Real Draft Kansas City Royals


  1. Matt Wieters, C, Georgia Tech (1st round to Orioles in real draft)
  2. Nick Tepesch, RHP, Missouri HS (28th round to Red Sox in real draft)
  3. Julian Sampson, RHP, Washington HS (12th round to Phillies in real draft)
  4. Kevin Rhoderick, RHP, Arizona HS (18th round to Tigers in real draft)
  5. Drake Britton, LHP, Texas HS (23rd round to Red Sox in real draft)
  1. Mike Moustakas, 3B, California HS (1st round to Orioles in Mock Draft)
  2. Sam Runion, RHP, North Carolina HS (2nd round to Twins in Mock Draft)
  3. Danny Duffy, LHP, California HS (supplemental round to Angels in Mock Draft)
  4. Mitch Hodge, RHP, British Columbia (not selected in Mock Draft)
  5. Adrian Ortiz, OF, Pepperdine (not selected in Mock Draft)
COMMENT: I love both Wieters and Moustakas, but with the latter apparently more signable it would make sense for the Royals to pick him. Signability was the big difference in the two classes here. The Mock Draft loaded up on promising high school arms with signability issues. Tepesch as a local guy might sign in the Mock World, and I really like both Sampson and Rhoderick and if they were signable this would help the Royals a lot with their system depth in young pitching. In real life I love Runion, but am lukewarm on Duffy and don't know enough about Hodge to judge. Not a huge fan of Ortiz, not sure about his on-base abilities against good pitching. Either class will take awhile to bear dividends on the mound.