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Thinking about Mike Moustakas

Baseball America's John Manuel told me on XM Radio this morning that Moustakas has really moved up on the draft boards and is ahead of Josh Vitters for some teams now. Like Vitters a California high school star, Moustakas has a much stronger arm and is a better athlete and potential defender than Vitters, although he lacks speed. Vitters has a bit more present power and plate discipline, but Moustakas is not raw and has plenty of pop himself. He also has the advantage of being a left-handed hitter. He's put up better statistical performance than Vitters this spring, but he's also been healthier, and high school stats are highly problematic in any event.

Personally I think I like Moustakas slightly better than Vitters myself, as I think he'll be easier to fit on the field defensively and should be a highly effective hitter. Signability is an issue given that he's a Boras guy and has a USC scholarship as leverage.