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Thinking about Jon Niese

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Thinking about Jon Niese

First, the book comment:

Niese is currently 2-1, 2.35 in five starts for St. Lucie, with a 14/6 K/BB ratio in 23 innings, 22 hits allowed. He's held lefties to a .059 mark so far this year, although righties have had more success (.296). He is getting a lot of ground balls and has yet to allow a home run this year.

The book comment still stands: I like him a lot, he's very intriguing, he's pitching well, and he deserves a lot more attention that he's received. I don't want to increase a grade based on just five starts, and I'd like to see his strikeouts come up a bit as the season progresses, but I do think he'll end up as at least a Grade B prospect by season's end, and maybe a B+. Right now it seems like only Mets fans know much about him, but I think that is likely to change.