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Draft Fun--by JERI (TEXAS)

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Hello, one and all:

John has asked me to fill in for him for the next few days...He has a project that he needs to make time for that can't be put off.

So, I will be working off of a list of pre-approved ideas and will be posting here. I should be posting 2 times a day, maybe throw in a cheesecake or two, so check back often.

Right now, with the draft approaching, I want you to rank the 10 most promising potential draftees out of the State of TEXAS....ONLY TEXAS...other states will get their turn...

A few things to remember.. don't be afraid of ranking someone obscure, but about whom you get a good vibe. Intuition is a HUGE part of prospecting.

If you disagree with a fellow poster, say so! Defend your postition! BUT: please keep it name calling, etc...I don't want to get in trouble for creating strife and controversy.

Seriously, if you guys like this idea ok, we will take on other states in the coming days...

Looking forward to the next few days,