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Thinking About Daric Barton

First, here is the comment for Barton from the book this year:

Barton had a great spring training for Oakland, proving that he's healthy and nearly ready for the major leagues, offensively. I still have some questions about how much home power he'll develop. His PECOTA comps are all over the place, ranging from Johnny Briggs to Austin Kearns to Ron Fairly to Clint Hurdle to Joe Mauer to Nate Espy. I can see him as Mark Grace offensively, but without Grace's defensive value. And I can also see him aging badly, being at his peak at age 24-26 but fading quickly.

How about it? Am I overreacting to last year? How high a batting average and OBP does a first baseman need to have to compensate for non-terrific home run output?