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Guess the Prospect!

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Guess the Prospect!

I was drafted after the sixth round but before the 12th round, out of a major baseball college on the west coast. A corner infielder, I hit very well in my pro debut, showing power, a high batting average, and excellent plate discipline in rookie ball. The following season I moved up to the Midwest League and while I hit just nine homers, I stole 21 bases and hit over .300 and posted a very high on-base percentage. Even so I didn't get much attention as a prospect.

The next season I jumped up to Double-A and continued to hit very well. Promoted to Triple-A at mid-season, I held my own and was starting to get noticed as an intriguing prospect. The main knock on me was lack of big-time home run power, but I was getting noticed in stathead circles.

At age 24 I spent about two months in the majors and did not hit very well, but at age 25 I took over as a major league regular and performed adequately. I broke through at age 26 and was a very productive major league hitter for the next five years before injuries began dragging me down. I didn't have huge home run power, but I hit for average and drew walks, and was dangerous enough for extra-bases that pitchers could not ignore me.

Who am I?