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I'm sorry for the lack of posting the last two days. I have been busy with personal matters, and work time has been focused on Rotowire and the Newsletter, forcing the blog to take a back seat.

I will catch up tomorrow.

In the meantime, here is a dicussion topic for you, one we've visited a few times in the past but one that I like.

Let's say it is the Seventh Game of the World Series. You must pick ONE pitcher who is
A) currently in the minor leagues and
B) has 50 or fewer innings of major league experience under their belt

to start this game for you.

It can't be Phil Hughes, Matt Garza, Yovanni Gallardo, Homer Bailey, Tim Lincecum, or Adam Miller. . .I'm taking the very top guys out of the running. That includes Mike Pelfrey, who I accidently left out at first because he does have a spot in the Mets rotation but began the year in the minors because of off-days. No Pelfrey!!

Who would you pick?