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Bowl Games--Off Topic--from JERI

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This year the Kansas Jayhawks are going to the Orange Bowl.

We don't watch the bowl games, but it is basically impossible to remain unaware in this town.

This got me wondering:

Which bowl game are you watching this year? (or games)

Do you watch every year, or is it just because your team is involved?

All the games have corporate sponsors.

What company would you like to see sponsor a bowl game? My vote would be for the "Preparatin-H Rose Bowl". OR maybe individuals could sponsor the games: would you tune into the "George Foreman Bowl"? The "Trump Bowl"?

And Finally, why don't they have bowl games for college baseball? Is it because they would likely coincide with the Major League post season? Would you watch? It just seems to me that this would increase the visibility of baseball, and of the stars of the future. I just wonder why there isn't the same type of exposure for college baseball as for football. I don't think the college playoffs/series count, because they are not plugged the same way.

There will be a baseball post tomorrow.