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Lately, I have been spending over half my work days policing this site, dealing with trolls and hateful behavior. I am now, thanks in large part to the bullshit posts by a few people, seriously behind on the book, and at this point we will be hard pressed to get it to the printer in time.

I've also had to explain my rating system, again, despite it being available in this site's history, plus in every book I've written. Once again, the grading system has been in place for 13 years is my own design, based on scouting, stats and my own intuition. It is not perfect, but no system is, and I make no apologies for it. It does what it is supposed to do: put a marker down about what general category the player falls into. Sometimes I think people don't actually read what the ratings mean, and just get pissed off because their favorite guy ranks one notch behind some hated prospect from a rival organization.

I am going to take a couple days off posting prospect lists so I can catch back up. The lists will return shortly, but I have to get caught up on the book. In the meantime, Jeri will be handling the site and I will send her some tidbits to post occasionally. I will NOT be looking at the posts. Jeri and the other moderators will be checking in and adding/deleting as necessary.