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Sportsblogs' National League Cy Young Award goes to Jake Peavy, who garnered every first place vote. The point totals:

Jake Peavy, 105 points
Brandon Webb, 52 points
Brad Penny, 10 points
John Smoltz, 5 points
Cole Hamels, 4 points
Jeff Francis, 4 points
Tim Hudson, 3 points
Aaron Harang, 3 points
Chris Young, 2 points
Carlos Zambrano, 1 point

The ballot is 3-deep and mine went went Peavy, Webb, Penny. Don't see that as controversial.

In the American League, the winner was C.C Sabathia. The vote total:

C.C. Sabathia, 76 points
Josh Beckett, 47 points
John Lackey, 23 points
Fausto Carmona, 11 points
Johan Santana, 7 points
Eric Bedard, 6 points
Roy Halladay, 1 point

My ballot went Beckett, Lackey, Sabathia.

Question: It's the Seventh Game of the World Series. You are facing the Red Sox in a Neutral Park. Who do want pitching for you, Peavy or Sabathia?