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I am now turning my attention to the Angels farm system. Feel free to post ideas and have a discussion about it here if you like.

Upcoming teams:
Los Angeles Angels
Cincinnati Reds
Detroit Tigers
San Diego Padres
Boston Red Sox

Angels farm system is pretty decent, better than I thought. I count 40 guys worth a Grade C or higher and possibly worth writing about. Have to cut that down. Again the dilemma: do I cut the guys who are a long way from the majors but who have some upside, or do I cut the guys who are closer to the majors, don't have the upside, but who could be role players.

A couple of other things. The more I think about the Delmon/Garza trade, the more I like it for the Twins. I was initially skeptical because of how much I like Garza, but Delmon can still be a superstar, and they really needed to add something to the outfield. Now if they can get good return on Santana and I will be a happy Twins fan.

The Milledge trade is really really odd, and apparently Gomez is going to play after all. I hate that trade for the Mets and I don't think my mind will change about that one.