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From the Arizona Fall League.

Just seen one game so far, will see another tonight and two more tomorrow. As usual the First Pitch Arizona conference is a lot of fun. Some very brief snippets about the game I saw today.

*I was not impressed with Tyler Lumsden of the Royals. Command of his breaking ball was below average, and it looks to me like his mechanics have been changed for some reason. His numbers at Omaha this year were pretty ugly, and at this point it is a very open question whether he will live up to his potential.

*Reds outfield prospect Chris Dickerson can really fly.

*My friends Joe Sheehan and Jason Grey have agreed that we need a unit of measure for "Makeup" and "Intangibles." We don't know how that unit will be developed, and the whole concept of "measuring intangibles" is somewhat tongue-in-cheek, but on my suggestion we are going to call our measure of on-field hustle the "Eckstein Unit." I am also now suggesting that off-field, clubhouse character stuff be measured by "Sweeney Units." To use an extreme example, Elijah Dukes has a Sweeney Unit, off-field rating in the negatives, but on the field he hustles so he'd have a good level of Ecksteins. Spread the Meme!