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There are two kinds of Grade C prospects.

Guys close to the majors who project as role players.
Guys a long way from the majors who could turn out to be very good, or not, but that it's too early to tell.

As I stated in the last thread, sometimes I get caught trying to decide who to put in the book if a particular system has a lot of people who could be interesting. I can't put EVEYONE in, it simply isn't practical. Decisions have to be made.

An example: in the Twins system, if it comes down to putting either Mike Macri or Mike Tarsi in the book, but I can't put both, who would you rather see? Macri is a lot closer to the majors and might be a useful utility infielder as soon as 2008. Tarsi is just getting started, a 12th round college pitcher who pitched well in the Appy League but who may, or may not, develop into anything interesting. Both rate as Grade Cs.