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Captain Clarence Oveur, White Courtesy Phone

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Thursday morning I am flying out to Phoenix to take in some Arizona Fall League games and speak at the Baseball HQ First Pitch Arizona Conference.
Jeri will hold down the fort here and I may make a few posts from the road. When I get back, I will continue work on the 2008 Baseball Prospect Book, and will also start posting Top 20 Prospect Lists for each organization.

The last few years I have driven out to Phoenix, and frankly I enjoy driving more than flying. I actually like flying in an aircraft, but airline travel has really deteriorated in terms of convenience and comfort and I prefer the open road these days. Flying hasn't been the same since they retired the Boeing 727 from US domestic flights. However this year I will fly because I don't want to be away from home any longer than necessary, and driving takes an extra couple of days.

Last night Jeri and I watched Airplane!, my favorite comedy movie of all time and a traditional part of preparing for a plane trip in our family.