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The Answer: Autumn! Crinkling Leaves! The Playoffs! The World Series! John starts working on the 2008 Baseball Prospect Book!

The question: What are the most awesome things about October?

Yep! You got it right! It's that time of year, when your thoughts turn to pumpkin patches, miniature ghosts and goblins, and ordering the 2008 BPB.

You all know the deal. For the next 2 1/5 months John will work 10-12 hours per day writing the BEST BPB EVER!!! Newsletter subscribers will get super cool updates from time to time, blog readers will get updates too, of a different variety. Here on the home front, Jeri will be working out printing issues, and sifting through preorders, to ensure that everyone gave a zip code... (You know who you are, E.B of Wisconsin!!)

So, On your MARK, get SET, ORDER!!!!

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