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Guess the Prospect!

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Guess the Prospect!

I was drafted between the 10th and 20th rounds out of college at the age of 22. I played well right away, hitting .300 with an excellent on-base percentage in short-season ball. Promoted to the California League the following year, I hit .302 and once again posted an excellent on-base percentage, drawing more than 100 walks. But I didn't show much power for my position, and a lot of people didn't think I was a top prospect.

I moved up to Double-A and Triple-A in my third season, hitting .309 and .297 respectively, but with just 3 homers. The following year I again hit over .300, this time in Triple-A, and made my major league debut.

Although I never developed as much power as the "ideal" player at my position, I showed respectable pop at times (including one year when I slugged over .500), drew walks, and was a very respected contact hitter.

Who am I?