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Community Projection Suggestions

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Friday and Saturday are going to be VERY busy days around here, getting the book ready to ship on Friday and doing the actual shipping on Saturday. So for those days you guys are going to have to carry the load around here. I'd like to do more Community Projections...who would you be interested in projecting?

Obviously projecting easy players isn't the doesn't take much to project that Miguel Cabrera will have a good year. The key is to find guys who are interesting for some reason. I picked Thorman because he's the guy being pushed into the job after the LaRoche deal. I picked Matthews because of the big contract. I picked Weeks because he was a bit disappointing and injured last year. I would prefer younger players or those who are not quite proven, but we can do some older guys too, like Matthews, if they have something uncertain about them.

Who would you like to examine?