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Some Random Points

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Some random comments.

A) It is true that the Top 20 Lists don't match precisely with the 50/50 list. As I stated at the time, the Top 20s were written while I was writing the book, and my opinions change over time. I might go back and revise some of the Top 20 ratings to reflect the final grades in the book later this month. Also note that ANY list of prospect ratings that I write for any source, here, the book, for Rotowire, is a snapshot of my thinking when the article or whatever was written. I constantly revise and tinker with my ratings. This is why the ratings you see one month might not match exactly with something you read the next month. As I learn more about prospects, my thinking changes.

B) I am planning to post some 2007 Player Projections soon using my experimental system. I put some of these projections in the book this year.

C) I'm getting over my baseball burnout and will start having some cool stuff here for you soon.

D) If you haven't ordered the book yet, what are you waiting for?? Click on the link on the right

E) Bert Blyleven belongs in the Hall of Fame. It isn't even a close question in my mind.