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JERI's Big, Huge, Issue O' the Day

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Tsk, Tsk, the Royals are in trouble AGAIN!

A few days ago a news crew filmed the team's pregame practice. The problem is that the Royals were practicing their casting (of fishing rods) and not actual baseball stuff.

There were other players doing other, equally non-baseball things too, but the fishing rods made the best visual statement.

One of the KC stations has a sports guy whose name I can't remember--I call him 'The Grouchy Old Guy From Channel 14'. This guy goes off frequently on all things sports, and will freely give his opinions as to what should be done in any given matter.

At any rate, 'The Grouchy Old Guy From Channel 14' was PISSED! I usually don't completely agree with him, but in this case I gotta agree. There is no reason for that lack of professionalism.

I know it has been a tough season: the club is demoralized, and the manager is sick. I simply don't care. I have had a lot of crap jobs in my life, where I was completely miserable the entire time I was at work. I've had a few jobs that were humiliating to perform. These were minimum wage jobs, back when minimum wage was about $3 an hour.

I still shut up and did the job. I was raised to have a work ethic, and that includes doing the job you are getting paid to do, even when it sucks.

Part of a player's job is to put on a show for the fans. Fans go to the ball park for fun. For a lot of people, it is expensive enough that a ballpark outing is their entertainment for the week, month, or whatever.

Those people didn't pay their money so that they could watch their team not even try to put on a show. They paid their money to see their team suck it up and do their best.

What do you guys think? How would you feel if your hometown team had acted like this? Am I wrong?