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Jeri's Big, Huge Question O' the Day

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I haven't been paying a lot of attention to baseball this year. It seams that I've hardly been aware of the season.

Come to think of it, I missed last season, too...I haven't been to a game since the very beginning of the 2005 season. Between last year's pregnancy and the morning sickness of doom, and the move, et al from this season, I've hardly had time to even think about going to a game.

John has gotten to several games, but not nearly as many as he likes.

Now, I don't breathe baseball like I'm certain a lot of you do. However, I miss going to the games.

I don't like watching the game on TV. I feel absolutely no connection to a televised game. I can't see the entire field at once, I only get to watch the pitches the camera man wants to show, and watching baseball from the comfort of my sofa just seems boring.

I enjoy the atmosphere of the game as much, actually more, than the game itself. I just really love being at the stadium.

I strongly suspect that the fact that I only will watch games in person means that I'm probably not a 'true' fan of Baseball, at least in many circles. I'm good with that.

What about you guys? Do you get satisfaction from watching a game on TV? Is there anyone who PREFERS the TV game to the live game?

And lastly, what kind of things have kept you out of the ballpark for a season, or at least a good part of one?

Thanks for playing along...

JERI (John's wife)