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Position Player Prospect of the Year

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2006 Minor League Ball Position Player Prospect of the Year.

The 2006 Minor League Ball Position Player Prospect of the Year is Alex Gordon of the Kansas City Royals.

The MLBPPPY Award is given to the hitting prospect who has the best combination of in-season current year performance and long-term potential. Statistical measures, scouting reports, and "intangibles" are factored into the determination.

The numbers: Gordon hit .325/.427/.588 on the year with a 1.016 OPS. He hit 39 doubles and 29 homers, drove in 101 runs, scored 111, drew 72 walks, and stole 22 bases in 25 attempts. He posted a .921 OPS against lefties and a 1.041 OPS against righthanders. He was especially hot in the second half, hitting .346 with 20 homers in his last 67 games. Scouts also praised his defense at third base, his baserunning, his work ethic, his intelligence, and his confidence. Most believed he was ready for major league action in the second half of the year, but instead of moving him to Triple-A or the majors, the Royals front office kept him at Wichita for the Texas League playoff run. I don't think that's something that should be held against Gordon. Numbers, scouting reports, intangibles, he has everything.

The other main candidate was Delmon Young, who is certainly an outstanding prospect. Although Gordon is older than Young and Young has played at a higher level, the combination of Young's suspension, plus the fact that Gordon being in Double-A all year has less to do with Gordon himself and more to do with the strategy of his organization, cleared up any doubts in my mind. I have no hesitation in naming Gordon the Minor League Ball Position Player Prospect of the Year, and he will rank as the Number One prospect in baseball in the 2007 Baseball Prospect Book..