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Post from JERI (John's Wife)

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I am amazed at the variety of responses received on the post announcing the death of our wonderful cat, Spot.

To those of you who passed on good thoughts and sympathy, many thanks. I know John thinks of his readers as an extended family. John posts happy family updates and happenings here as a way of showing appreciation for your company. He posts updates like this for much the same reason.

To those of you who actually took time out of your busy lives to MOCK the kind people who expressed sympathy and kind thoughts:


Who does that? I am extremely disgusted by the fact that anyone would use this or any other forum as a vehicle for mocking the belief system of a person or the grief of another. If you simply don't care, then DON'T read the comments.

I am a silent reader of this site, for the most part. You guys surprise me from time to time, on the things that will get you all riled up and taking sides. I've chuckled, I've rolled my eyes, I've shaken my head in disbelief. I've never really felt the need to be heard on anything posted on the main board.

But this? A dead cat and his grieving family? Wow.

I don't think this post really needs a response. This is just the first time that I remember being completely shocked and disgusted over you guys. Good job.