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I have arrived in in Clinton, Iowa, where I hope to watch the Lumberkings against Fort Wayne tonight, although rain is possible. Tomorrow I will be heading to Quad Cities to watch the "Swing" against Kane County. Hope to see Matt Sulentic in action.

A discussion question for you.

Right now the 1-2 players on my prospect list are Alex Gordon and Delmon Young. Gordon does just about everything, but Young is younger and has played great in Triple-A. However, Gordon DESERVES to be in Triple-A certainly and has been held back by the Royals to try and build a winning atmosphere in the Wichita clubhouse, trying to set the stage for the future core of the team in Kansas City. So I'm not sure we should hold Gordon being in Double-A against him.

All things being equal, Delmon should rank ahead of Alex I think, but the 50-game suspension and some apparent emotional immaturity on Delmon's part raise makeup issues that Gordon doesn't have. How seriously should we take this? Is it enough to drop Delmon a notch behind Gordon? On the current version of my 50/50 list, I did rank Gordon at 1 and Delmon at 2. Is this right? What do you guys think?