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Guess the Prospect!

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Guess the Prospect!

I was a high school shortstop, drafted in the fifth round by a big-market club. My glove was well-regarded, but there were doubts about how I would hit. I struggled in my pro debut, hitting just .179 in 41 games in rookie ball. But I improved during my sophomore and junior campaigns, hitting .270 and then .297 with a .445 OBP in A-ball, combining that with still-strong defense.

In my fourth professional season, I was traded to a small-market team and promoted to Double-A. I hit 11 homers there, but hit just .232 and had problems with strike zone judgment. I moved up to Triple-A the next year, hitting .255 with 17 homers. I had developed more power than anticipated, but had problems hitting for average. I repeated Triple-A the following season, hitting .280, then was pushed into a major league job the next campaign, taking over as the regular shortstop for the small-market team at age 23.

I hit poorly in the majors at first, but eventually showed a combination of adequate power and some speed. My batting average was erratic, and I never controlled the strike zone well. But I had a very impressive glove, and remained a regular shortstop at the major league level until the age of 36.

Who am I?