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This will be a busy week! The good news is that, unlike the last two weeks, I will be busy writing about baseball this week rather than packing, moving, and unpacking boxes.

I have had several requests to do a report on the deadline trades. I have also had several requests to do a new 50/50 list. I will do both of these things, but not here: I will be writing up trade reports for Rotowire, and will be doing a new prospect list for the Newsletter.

But that doesn't mean that the stuff here at MinorLeagueBall can't also be fun and informative. So here is what I have in mind for this week.

Monday: Deadline Trade Discussion Thread
Tuesday: Is There Any Hope For Eric Duncan?
Wednesday: Crystal Ball: Ervin Santana
Thursday: Prospect Retro: Freddy Sanchez
Friday: Prospect Profile: Yovanni Gallardo