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Top 20 PRE-SEASON Blue Jays Prospects in Review

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Top 20 PRE-SEASON Blue Jays Prospects in Review

This is the PRE-SEASON list. That means it was generated BEFORE THE SEASON STARTED and that the grades were PRE-SEASON. Anyone complaining about the grades based on 2006 performance will be smacked up the side of the head with a Joe Lawrence autographed bat.

1) Ricky Romero, LHP, Grade B+
Had a nice 2.47 ERA in 10 starts for Class A Dunedin, but has been hammered in Double-A (8.00 in 5 starts, 13/13 K/BB in 27 innings). Collapse in all ratios since his promotion seems rather odd.

2) David Purcey, LHP, B+
Has struggled with his control in both Double-A and Triple-A, going 5-9, 5.65 with an 87/61 K/BB in 101 innings combined.

3) Dustin McGowan, RHP, B
4.73 ERA with 80/36 K/BB in 78 innings for Triple-A Syracuse. Walked 6 in 6 innings for the Jays, resulting in 7.94 ERA. Obviously command remains an issue here.

4) Josh Banks, RHP, B
6-9, 5.49 in 22 starts for Syracuse, 92/21 K/BB in 126 innings, 136 hits. Opposite problem of Purcey and McGowan: his stuff isn't that hot, but he throws strikes, perhaps too many strikes.

5) Casey Janssen, RHP, B
6-10, 5.18 ERA in 17 starts for the Blue Jays, 42/21 K/BB in 92 innings. Typical numbers for a finesse pitcher in his first go-around the league. Good walk rate but K/IP is weak.

6) Curtis Thigpen, C, B-
Hitting .270/.380/.449 in 71 games for New Hampshire, 44 walks and 56 strikeouts in 256 at-bats. Excellent plate discipline.

7) Adam Lind, OF, B-
.310/.357/.543 in 91 games for New Hampshire with 19 homers. Just promoted to Triple-A this week, is 0-for-5 so far. Definite breakthrough season.

8) Ryan Patterson, OF, B-
Hit .288/.327/.520 with 19 homers for Dunedin. Promoted to Double-A two weeks ago, is 15-for-63 (.238) so far with five doubles. A very intriguing bat.

9) Francisco Rosario, RHP, C+
3.99 ERA with 36/12 K/BB in 29 innings for Syracuse, 5.03 ERA in 15 games for the Jays, 18/14 K/BB in 20 innings. Like many Blue Jays pitching prospects, he has good stuff but needs to show better command.

10) Brandon League, RHP, C+
2.14 ERA for Syracuse, 43/15 K/BB in 55 innings. 3.24 ERA in 7 games for the Jays, with 6/0 K/BB in 8 innings. Command looks MUCH better this year.

11) Shawn Marcum, RHP, C+
3.42 ERA for Syracuse, 60/9 K/BB in 53 innings. 5.03 ERA in 20 innings for the Blue Jays, with 20/13 K/BB. Having some adjustment problems to the majors but this is not unusual. I still like him.

12) Chip Cannon, 1B, C+
Hitting .236/.323/.449 with 18 homers for New Hampshire, but with a 36/122 BB/K ratio in 352 at-bats. Good power but the strikeouts are scary.

13) Vince Perkins, RHP, C+
Claimed on waivers by the Brewers. On the 60-day disabled list.

14) Robert Ray, RHP, C+
4.99 ERA in 49 innings for Dunedin, 37/13 K/BB. Decent control but has given up 59 hits. I thought he would do better than this.

15) Paul Phillips, RHP, C+
1.50 ERA in 22 games for Class A Lansing, 6.60 ERA in 11 games for Dunedin, 7.71 ERA in 3 games for New Hampshire. Combined K/BB is 50/18 in 47 innings. Has maintained good ratios at higher levels despite big ERA increases.

16) Chi Hung Cheng, LHP, C+
3.09 ERA in 21 starts for Lansing, 112/49 K/BB in 108 innings. A very interesting prospect who deserves more attention.

17) Jesse Litsch, LHP, C+
3.25 in 15 starts for Dunedin, 6.14 in 5 starts for New Hampshire. 100/11 K/BB raito in 118 innings. Outstanding control but can he survive higher levels?

18) Guillermo Quiroz, C, C
Now in the Mariners system, hitting .304/.359/.428 for Tacoma. Reputation has faded, but he's doing well enough this year to merit more chances.

19) John-Ford Griffin, OF, C
Ugly numbers: .225/.289/.388 for Syracuse. Unlikely to ever live up to the potential he showed in college.

20) Davis Romero, LHP, C
2.93 ERA in 12 starts for New Hampshire, 4.41 in 12 games (3 starts) for Syracuse. Continues to post impressive K/BB and K/IP ratios.

There is a lot of raw material here, a variety of guys with great arms and guys with great control, but few with both attributes. Hitters Lind, Thigpen, and Patterson are also very interesting. Is Brandon League on the verge of something special?