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National League West MOCK DRAFT Review

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Arizona Diamondbacks

  1. Joba Chamberlain, RHP, University of Nebraska
  2. Ian Kennedy, RHP, USC
  3. Justin Masterson, RHP, San Diego State University
  4. Jeff Samardzija, RHP, Notre Dame
  5. Ryan Morris, LHP, North Carolina HS
  6. Marcus Lemon, OF, Florida HS
  7. Russ Moldenhauer, 3B, Texas HS
COMMENT: Early pitching orientation is logical considering nature of Arizona farm system. Chamberlain and Kennedy is a good one-two college pitching combo, though both have attached health risks. Masterson projects as a sound reliever. Samardzija's football commitments cloud his baseball future, but he does throw hard. Morris is very projectable but will need time. Lemon has fine bloodlines and good polish, but isn't as toolsy as his father was. Moldenhauer has a booming bat but signability questions and defense push him down. Intriguing group with signability issues, but if the D-backs put in the cash they would have a fine class.

Colorado Rockies

  1. Brad Lincoln, RHP, University of Houston
  2. Dallas Buck, RHP, Oregon State University
  3. Devin Sheperd, OF, California HS
  4. Shawn Tolleson, RHP, Texas HS
  5. Jason Donald, SS, University of Arizona
COMMENT: I think Lincoln is an excellent choice. Buck is bit riskier given his loss of velocity this year, but he could rebound. Sheperd has significant offensive potential but there are some questions about his swing. Tolleson was a potential first round pick until blowing out his elbow and having Tommy John surgery this spring. Interesting risk with that one, in a Nick Adenhart like way possibly. Donald has a strong arm and OK bat, but probably won't be a shortstop at higher levels. All of these picks beyond Lincoln have a flaw or concern, but the upside is high.

Los Angeles Dodgers

  1. Clayton Kershaw, LHP, Texas HS
  2. Jordan Walden, RHP, Texas HS
  3. Kyler Burke, OF, Tennessee HS
  4. Kevin Angelle, LHP, Texas HS
  5. Ryan Scott, OF, Louisiana HS
COMMENT: CanuckDodger once again corners the market on talented high schoolers, especially in Texas where he grabbed three impressive arms. Angelle in particular has sleeper potential. Both Burke and Scott offer power and youth. Looks like a good group to me, though it will take a bit of time to pan out.

San Diego Padres

  1. Drew Stubbs, OF, University of Texas
  2. Cedric Hunter, OF, Georgia HS
  3. Chris Perez, RHP, University of Miami-Florida
  4. Andrew Oliver, LHP, Ohio HS
  5. Jeremy Barfield, OF, Texas HS
  6. Martin Beno, RHP, Mississippi GC JC
  7. Jason Bennett, RHP, California HS
COMMENT: No one seems to know where Stubbs will land, but I don't think he will make it this low in the draft. Hunter is a personal favorite and a good fit at 35, and I like Perez's chances to move rapidly. Oliver is raw but projectable, and will need time. Barfield is a potentially excellent power hitter but lacks defensive value. Beno has a good arm but is still learning to pitch. I don't know much about Bennett other than that he throws strikes. Mixture of college and high school picks, though not without risk.

San Francisco Giants

  1. Kyle Drabek, RHP, Texas HS
  2. Bryan Morris, RHP, Motlow CC
  3. Wade LeBlanc, LHP, University of Alabama
  4. Brennan Boesch, OF, University of California
  5. Chris Valaika, SS, UC Santa Barbara
Drabek could go anywhere from sixth to 26th depending on how teams assess his personality. 10th seems reasonable to me. Morris has a live arm and good athleticism. LeBlanc could be a Noah Lowry-type, I know a lot of stathead types are interested in him. Valaika is fundamentally sound and should make a good utility player at worst. Boesch hasn't done as well in college as people expected, but still has untapped potential. Solid mixture of ceiling with present performance in this group.