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National League Central MOCK DRAFT Review

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Chicago Cubs

  1. Bill Rowell, 3B, New Jersey HS
  2. Eddie Degerman, RHP, Rice University
COMMENT: Not much to comment on here. Rowell is just fine in the first round, a solid high school hitter. Degerman is a polished pitcher who has an impressive college statistical track record.

Cincinnati Reds

  1. Luke Hochevar, RHP, Fort Worth Cats
  2. Steven Wright, RHP, University of Hawaii
  3. Chris Coghlan, 3B, University of Mississippi
  4. Jordan Newton, C, Western Kentucky University
  5. Craig Baker, RHP, Cal State Northridge
COMMENT: Hochevar could go anywhere from first overall to 20th, and is certainly just fine at number 8. Wright is one of my favorites in the "polished college pitcher" category. Coghlan has a nice looking swing but has never hit quite as much power as expected. Newton has a powerful bat, a strong arm, and some questions about his attitude, although as a fourth round pick he represents a potential steal. Baker has a live arm but was not very successful in college. He might, or might not, do better as a pro. Overall, a solid college-oriented class.

Houston Astros

  1. Kyle McCulloch, RHP, University of Texas
  2. Zach Britton, LHP, Texas HS
  3. Dylan Brown, OF, Florida HS
  4. Jason Jarvis, RHP, Arizona HS
  5. Nathan Karns, RHP, Texas HS
COMMENT: McCulloch is very polished, doesn't have the ceiling to be an ace but should be a good back-end rotation guy. The other picks are more long-term potential types. Britton and Karns are classic Texas high school pitchers, strong, projectable, but need some refinement. Jarvis fits in the same category but is from Arizona. Brown is a tools outfielder who will have to be bought away from college ball at Oklahoma State. Somewhat risky but with a high upside. This is a logical draft class: you have McCulloch's polish anchoring the top, then some high school guys who will take longer to develop.

Milwaukee Brewers

  1. Daniel Bard, RHP, University of North Carolina
  2. Jared Mitchell, OF, Louisiana HS
  3. Justin Woodall, OF-LHP, Mississippi HS
  4. Torre Langley, C, Georgia HS
  5. Tim Bascom, RHP, University of Central Florida
COMMENT: Bard has one of the most powerful arms in the class, but could fall this far due to occasional command issues. Mitchell is quite toolsy but also very raw. . .he could be really good but he could also flame out early. Woodall is similar: athletic, strong, still learning how to play baseball. Langley is a fine defensive catcher with some pop in his bat, but he is on the small side (listed at 5-9) and not projectable physically. Bascom throws strikes, but a loss of fastball velocity this spring dropped him out of first round consideration. This class has potentially high rewards but is quite risky. The three high school kids are not sure things by any means, and both Bard and Bascom have flaws.

Pittsburgh Pirates

  1. Greg Reynolds, RHP, Stanford
  2. Tyler Colvin, OF, Clemson
  3. Andrew Carpenter, RHP, Long Beach State
  4. Shane Robinson, OF, Florida State
  5. Chad Robinson, RHP, Nevada HS
COMMENT: Reynolds and Colvin are successful college players who should advance rapidly through the system. Carpenter and Shane Robinson are also polished college guys, though they lack the growth potential of Reynolds and Colvin and don't have big ceilings. Chad Robinson is young and throws hard, but has labrum surgery on his resume. A conservative class, college-oriented.

St. Louis Cardinals

  1. Chris Parmalee, OF, California HS
  2. Jason Place, OF, South Carolina HS
  3. Aaron Miller, OF-LHP, Texas HS
  4. Sean Black, RHP, New Jersey HS
  5. Derrik Lutz, RHP, George Washington University
  6. Jon Jay, OF, University of Miami-Florida
  7. Whit Robbins, 3B-1B, Georgia Tech
  8. Brandon Holden, RHP, Florida HS
COMMENT: Interesting use of extra picks. I like Parmalee's bat. Place had had injury troubles and strike zone concerns, but his tools are excellent. Miller has signability worries, but if they put out enough money to sign him he should provide a strong bat.
Black has a live arm but is very raw, even for a high school pitcher. Lutz, Jay, and Robbins are all college players who should do well in the minors. Robbins probably has the most potential of the group. Holden is projectable, but health questions have hurt his stock. Overall, a good blend of talent I think.