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American League West MOCK DRAFT Comments

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Los Angeles Angels

  1. Chris Marrero, 3B, Florida HS
  2. Zech Zinicola, RHP, Arizona State University
  3. Nate Culp, LHP, University of Missouri
  4. Quintin Berry, OF, San Diego State University
COMMENT: Mixed opinions about Marrero. He looks great in uniform and has strong power potential, but he has problems making contact and there are questions about his defense. If everything works out he could be a Troy Glaus type but he needs more polish. The Angels scouting director dropped out after the first pick, so I wasn't exactly sure what the strategy should be after I took over the picks as commissioner. I tried to mix things up. Zinicola has one of the more lively college arms available. Culp is more of a finesse guy but might help quickly. Berry is a speedy contact hitter who seemed to mesh well with the general philosophy of the Angels system.

Oakland Athletics

  1. Milton Loo, 3B, Yavapai JC
  2. Matt Long, RHP, University of Miami-Ohio
  3. Cyle Hankerd, OF, USC
  4. Brad Mills, LHP, University of Arizona
COMMENT: Loo is very toolsy but has had problems staying healthy. He could be excellent and offers good upside at 66, though he will need time to develop. Unfortunately he signed with the Reds as a draft-and-follow in real life, but for purposes of the Mock Draft here he is. Long is a polished college pitcher with a live arm, and represents excellent value at 98, a definite Oakland-style pick. Hankerd is a solid hitter with defensive limitations that kept him out of the first two rounds. Mills is a solid college finesse lefty, typical of the class. Not a bad haul at all for not having a first round pick. It will be interesting to see if the Athletics adopt a similar approach.

Seattle Mariners
5) Brandon Morrow, RHP, University of California
49) Adam Ottavino, RHP, Northeastern University
81) Wade Kapteyn, RHP, Illinois HS
111) Chad Lee, RHP, Barton County CC
141) Shawn Scobee, OF, University of Nevada
COMMENT: Quite strong class of righthanded pitching. Morrow is totally legit at number five given his arm strength and improved feel for pitching this year. Ottavino is one of my very favorite pitchers in the draft. He could be a first round pick if he'd gone to a warmer weather school. Kapteyn is an attractive pick as a cold-weather projectable high school arm. Lee throws hard but injuries hurt his status this spring. Scobee has problems with contact, but has plus power potential. He could be a big bust but he also has more upside than most fifth round college picks. Overall, I like this group a lot, due to the mixture of pitchers with different backgrounds.

Texas Rangers

  1. Max Scherzer, RHP, University of Missouri
  2. Justin Reed, OF, Mississippi HS
  3. Jordan Craft, RHP, Dallas Baptist University
  4. Garrett Olson, 3B, Franklin Pierce College
COMMENTS: Reasonable draft. Scherzer would be a top five pick if not for doubts about his health and Scott Boras. Reed is toolsy with good speed and power potential, but will need time to learn baseball skills. Craft is a bit raw but has more projection than most college pitchers and is a decent risk at that slot in the draft. Olson dominated cold-weather college competition and is a fine choice in the fifth round, a possible Ian Kinsler type.