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American League East Mock Draft Review

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Here is a review of the 2006 Minor League Ball Mock Draft.

Baltimore Orioles:

  1. Jeremy Jeffress, RHP, Virginia HS
  2. Lars Anderson, 1B, California HS
  3. Brandon Belt, LHP, Texas HS
  4. Harold Mozingo, RHP, Virginia Commonwealth
  5. Ryan Strieby, 1B, University of Kentucky
  6. Jacob Brigham, RHP, Florida HS
COMMENT: A high school oriented draft, although Jeffress and Anderson are two of my personal favorites. Belt is a possible steal, a potential first round pick who has seen his stock fall due to an erratic spring. Mozingo and Strieby provide some college leavening to the draft; I particularly like Mozingo as a sleeper. Brigham is another guy who would have gone earlier if the draft was held four months ago. Overall, looks like a solid high school class to me, some risk but a lot of upside.

Boston Red Sox

  1. Colton Willems, RHP, Florida HS
  2. Stephen King, SS, Florida HS
  3. Jeffrey Locke, LHP, New Hampshire HS
  4. Dellin Betances, RHP, New York HS
  5. Dustin Dickerson, 3B, Texas HS
  6. Caleb Clay, RHP, Alabama HS
  7. Cole Gillespie, OF, Oregon State University
  8. Brian Jeroloman, C, University of Florida
  9. Josh Morris, 1B, University of Georgia
COMMENT: Heavy into the high schoolers early. Willems, Locke, Betances, and Clay are all potentially excellent pitchers but will need time to develop. I doubt that Betances will last that long in real life; it would certainly piss off the Yankees and/or Mets to see him go to the Red Sox! Having "Stephen King" on the Red Sox draft list should make the horror author happy since he is a big Boston fan. I like Gillespie and Morris as college picks, but am not certain about Jeroloman. Overall, an aggressively risky class but the upside is quite high.

New York Yankees

  1. Mark Antonelli, 3B, Wake Forest
  2. Mark Hamilton, 1B, Tulane
  3. Jeff Manship, RHP, Notre Dame
  4. Jim Negrych, 2B, University of Pittsburgh
  5. Jeff Inman, RHP, California HS
COMMENT: Conservative but solid. Antonelli and Hamilton are two of the best college bats available in a thin class. Hamilton's lefty power would look good in Yankee Stadium, and at worst both players should make attractive trade bait in 2-3 years. I like Manship's chances to advance quickly. Negrych is a Dustin Pedroia-type but with a shaky glove. Inman has the talent of a second-round pick but will have to be bought away from Stanford. If anyone can do that, the Yankees can.

Tampa Bay Devil Rays

  1. Tim Lincecum, RHP, University of Washington
  2. Emmanuel Burriss, SS, Kent State University
  3. Aaron Bates, 1B, North Carolina State University
  4. Matt McBride, C, Lehigh
  5. Nick Fuller, RHP, Georgia HS
COMMENT: Philosophically similar to the Yankee class, college guys on the top then a high-ceiling-but-somewhat-risky high school pitcher in the fifth round. Lincecum should be ready to help within a year. Burriss gives another middle infield option, although I'm not certain he's going to hit with much authority. Bates is one of the best college bats available and a possible steal in the third round. McBride may be the best college catcher available and would have a higher draft profile if he'd gone to a different school. Fuller needs work with his command, but can hit 95 MPH and is a good value in the fifth round if signable.

Toronto Blue Jays

  1. Travis Snider, OF, Washington HS
  2. Chad Huffman, INF, Texas Christian University
  3. Brad Furnish, LHP, Texas Christian University
COMMENT: I'm not sure the real Jays would pick Snider, given their college orientation in the draft, but re-creating what the real teams will do is NOT the point of the Mock Draft. The point is to show what is possible, and given the lack of picks in the second and third round, this Blue Jays Mock Draft looks reasonable to me: a young high-impact talent in the first round, then some safer college picks. Huffman has a strong bat but it is uncertain what position he will play. Furnish is a polished college lefty who should zip through A-ball.

Overall, all five of the AL East Mock Drafts look reasonable to me. The Red Sox took the most gambles but also have a high upside.