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Top 20 Phillies Pre-Season Prospects IN REVIEW

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PRE-SEASON Phillies Top Prospects List in Review

Here is the PRE-SEASON Phillies prospect list. Let's review and see how these guys are doing. Note that this is the PRE-SEASON list. That means it was generated BEFORE THE SEASON STARTED The grades are from BEFORE THE SEASON STARTED.

1) Cole Hamels, LHP, Grade B+
1.10 ERA in eight minor league starts, with a 68/12 K/BB in 48 innings. Promoted to the majors, now 1-3, 4.41 in six starts with a 31/17 K/BB in 33 innings. As long as his health holds up he should have a great career.

2) Gio Gonzalez, LHP, B+
3-7, 3.66 in 14 starts for Double-A Reading, with 93/39 K/BB in 84 innings. Doing just fine, only flaw is high home run allowed rate (12 already).

3) Daniel Haigwood, LHP, B
1-5, 3.55 in 14 starts for Double-A Reading, with 78/39 K/BB in 79 innings. Pitching just as well as Gonzalez. His home run rate is only half that of Gonzalez.

4) Welinson Baez, INF, B
Hitting just .207/.273/.302 for Class A Lakewood, obviously very weak. He's struck out 88 times in just 222 at-bats. Nothing positive here, very disappointing.

5) Mike Costanzo, 3B, B-
Hitting .248/.331/.366 for Class A Clearwater. Not much power, disappointing plate discipline, 83 strikeouts in 262 at-bats. The high strikeout rate I mentioned in his book comment is hurting him.

6) Brad Harman, INF, C+
Hitting .228/.316/.300 for Clearwater, another offensive disappointment. At least he is drawing some walks but I thought he'd do better than this.

7) Michael Bourn, OF, C+
Hitting .274/.347/.356 with 27 steals for Reading. Fine speed remains, but lack of power and just mediocre on-base skills are hurting his status.

8) Jason Jaramillo, C, C+
Hitting just .228/.285/.378 for Reading. What's the deal with all these disappointing Phillies hitters?

9) Greg Golson, OF, C+
Hitting .208/.246/.316 for Lakewood. Only positive here is 12 steals in 15 attempts. His power is disappointing and he is striking out more than once per game.

10) Scott Mathieson, RHP, C+
6-2, 3.05 in 13 starts for Reading, 95/26 K/BB in 86 innings. Doing quite well, moving up the list quickly.

11) Shane Victorino, OF, C+
Hitting .316/.370/.487 in part-time action with the Phillies.

12) Chris Roberson, OF, C+
Hitting .288/.339/.379 with 12 steals for Triple-A Scranton, but just 1-for-16 in part-time action for the Phillies. Needs to show more pop.

13) Tim Kennelly, INF, C+
Hitting just .212/.206/.364 but 10-game sample size at Lakewood and Batavia is too small to judge.

14) Matt Maloney, LHP, C+
7-4, 1.56 in 13 starts for Lakewood, 93/30 K/BB in 81 innings, 50 hits allowed, just 3 homers. Very solid performance, and worthy of a promotion to higher levels soon.

15) J.A. Happ, LHP, C+
3-7, 2.80 in 12 starts for Clearwater, 73/16 K/BB in 74 innings, 58 hits allowed. Another Phillies pitcher doing well.

16) Jake Blalock, OF, C
Hitting .250/.335/.362 for Double-A Frisco in the Texas Rangers farm system. Was traded to the Rangers on April 1st. Not playing particularly well and is now on the DL with a broken nose.

17) Josh Outman, LHP, C
3.44 ERA for Lakewood, 73/39 K/BB in 71 innings, 62 hits and 3 homers allowed. Not spectacular but holding his own.

18) Yoel Hernandez, RHP, C
1.74 ERA in 10 innings for Scranton, with six saves to his credit. Sample too small to judge although the numbers are solid so far.

19) Edgar Garcia, RHP, C
Just assigned to Batavia out of extended spring training, lost his first start (4 runs in 5.2 innings).

20) Carlos Carrasco, RHP, C
4-4, 2.47 in 13 starts for Lakewood, with 83/29 K/BB in 77 innings, 55 hits and 3 homers allowed. Very solid numbers, a prospect on the rise.

Well, there seems to be a consistent pattern here: pitchers doing well, hitters doing badly. Is this a genuine effect or just bad luck?