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New York Mets MOCK DRAFT

  1. Jared Hughes, RHP, Long Beach State University (110 in the real draft)
  2. Carmine Giardina, LHP, Florida HS (853 in the real draft)
  3. John Shelby, 2B, University of Kentucky (165 in the real draft)
  4. Shane Keough, OF, Yavapai JC (not eligible for real draft)
New York Mets REAL DRAFT
  1. Kevin Mulvey, RHP, Villanova (51 in the mock draft)
  2. Joe Smith, RHP, Wright State University (not selected in mock draft)
  3. John Holdzkom, RHP, Salt Lake CC (not selected in mock draft)
  4. Stephen Holmes, RHP, University of Rhode Island (161 in the mock draft)
Comment: A lot of difference here. Keough was like Loo; we didn't know he'd signed until after the Mock Draft. I'm not sure what to think of Hughes. He throws strikes but the low strikeout rate worries me. Shelby could be a bargain if he controls the zone adequately.