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The Friday Before Draft Day: Your Son is a Hitter

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Good discussion yesterday about "what if your son was a pitcher".

Today we will shift gears a bit. What if your son was a hitter? Here is your theoretical son:

Your son is 6-3, 185 pounds, righthanded hitter and thrower. He plays shortstop in high school, has a strong arm and good range, but his hands aren't the best and a lot of scouts think he will move to the outfield as a pro. He has slightly above average speed, above average power, good strike zone judgment, of course. He is from a cold-weather state, say Wisconsin, and while he's played in some showcase events and done well, he hasn't been on the national team or anything like that. He is intelligent and emotionally mature, and would do well in college.

You have scholarship offers from the following schools: Nebraska, Creighton, Minnesota, Kansas, Wichita State, and Oklahoma State. He is NOT assured of a freshman starting spot for the Cornhuskers, Shockers, or Cowboys, but the Gophers, Jayhawks, and Creighton Blue Jays are all willing to give him a full shot for a starting lineup spot as a freshman. Scouts say he could go in the third or fourth round if he is willing to go into pro ball out of high school.

So, what do you advise your son? Is the situation different because he is a hitter instead of a pitcher?