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Milwaukee Brewers MOCK DRAFT

  1. Daniel Bard, RHP, University of North Carolina (28 in the real draft)
  2. Jared Mitchell, OF, Louisiana HS (306 in the real draft)
  3. Justin Woodall, OF-LHP, Mississippi HS (574 in the real draft)
  4. Torre Langley, C, Georgia HS (90 in the real draft)
  5. Tim Bascom, RHP, University of Central Florida (183 in the real draft)
Milwaukee Brewers REAL DRAFT
  1. Jeremy Jeffress, RHP, Virginia HS (9 in the mock draft)
  2. Brent Brewer, OF, Georgia HS (not selected in mock draft)
  3. Cole Gillespie, OF, Oregon State (103 in the mock draft)
  4. Evan Anundsen, RHP, Colorado HS (not selected in mock draft)
  5. Chris Errecart ,OF, University of California (not selected in mock draft)
Comment: Once again, signability is the main different here. Mitchell and Woodall would have gone about where they did in the Mock Draft if real teams had considered them signable. Brewer didn't go in the Mock Draft, but did in the real draft, after the Brewers figured out they could sign him.
The Jeffress vs. Bard question is interesting....who would you rather have, assuming that both were available to you?