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One thing I am not happy about right now is the fact that I have been unable to travel much this spring. Between Jackson's surgery, trying to buy a house, and a cornucopia of personal and family matters that had to be dealt with, I have not been able to get out on the road. And the way things look right now, I might not be able to take any short trips until July, and no long trips until August.

This is very annoying, given that I want to see as many players in person as possible. Unfortunately, it can't be helped.

However, my wonderful wife Jeri suggests a solution: she has Moxied (our local version of Tivo) something like 15 college games and several minor league games, with more coming up. So this afternoon, I am going to sit down in front of the TV, notebook in hand, and watch a bunch of games. It's not as good as seeing players in person, but it is better than nothing.