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Texas Rangers MOCK DRAFT

  1. Max Scherzer, RHP, University of Missouri (11 in the real draft)
  2. Justin Reed, OF, Mississippi HS (114 in the real draft)
  3. Jordan Craft, RHP, Dallas Baptist University (403 in the real draft)
  4. Garrett Olson, 3B, Franklin Pierce College (126 in the real draft)
Texas Rangers REAL DRAFT
  1. Kasey Kiker, LHP, Alabama HS (38 in the mock draft)
  2. Chad Tracy, C, Pepperdine (50 in the mock draft)
  3. Marcus Lemon, OF, Florida HS (117 in the mock draft)
  4. Chris Davis, 1B, Navarro JC (not selected in mock draft)
Comment: Scherzer wasn't available in the real draft at 12, but a comparison with Kiker is interesting. Scherzer is a bit of a risk because of health concerns, while Kiker has the bad makeup cloud (although the Rangers don't think it is a major deal). Would you rather have Justin Reed or Chad Tracy? Jordan Craft or Marcus Lemon?