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Baltimore Orioles MOCK DRAFT:

  1. Jeremy Jeffress, RHP, Virginia HS (16 in the real draft)
  2. Lars Anderson, 1B, California HS (553 in the real draft)
  3. Brandon Belt, LHP, Texas HS (343 in the real draft)
  4. Harold Mozingo, RHP, Virginia Commonwealth (167 in the real draft)
  5. Ryan Strieby, 1B, University of Kentucky (112 in the real draft)
  6. Jacob Brigham, RHP, Florida HS (178 in real draft)
Baltimore Orioles REAL DRAFT:
  1. Bill Rowell, 3B, New Jersey HS (13 in the mock draft)
  2. Pedro Beato, RHP, St. Petersburg JC (15 in the mock draft)
  3. Ryan Adams, SS, Louisiana HS (69 in the mock draft)
  4. Zach Britton, LHP, Texas HS (67 in the mock draft)
  5. Blake Davis, SS, Cal State Fullerton (not selected in mock draft)
  6. Bobby Henson, SS, Oklahoma HS (not selected in mock draft
I think both classes look pretty solid to me. Signability issues knocked Anderson and Belt down in the real life, but if signable they would make the Mock Draft quite deep. The real draft also has high-ceiling talents in Rowell, Beato, Adams, and Britton.