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High School Players in the 2003 First Round

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Yesterday I mentioned that Chris Lubanski, first round pick in 2003, would have gone to college at Florida State. That got me thinking about other 2003 high school first rounders. Here is the list.

Delmon Young, Devil Rays, 1st overall (University of Arizona)
Chris Lubanski, Royals, 5th overall (Florida State University)
Ryan Harvey, Cubs, 6th overall (University of Florida)
John Danks, Rangers, 9th overall (University of Texas)
Ian Stewart, Rockies, 10th overall (Southern Cal)
Lastings Milledge, Mets, 12th overall (University of South Carolina)
Jeff Allison, Marlins, 16th overall (University of Arizona)
Matt Moses, Twins, 21st overall (Clemson)
Brandon Wood, Angels, 23rd overall (University of Texas)
Chad Billingsley, Dodgers, 24th overall (University of South Carolina)
Eric Duncan, Yankees, 27th overall (Louisiana State University)
Daric Barton, Cardinals, 28th overall (Cal State Fullerton)

I am short of time today and don't have enough to go through and figure out where all these guys were going to go to college. So, this will be a Research project for the Minor League Ball Community: Find out where these guys were going to go to college. It shouldn't be too hard to find this on-line, but I don't have the time or patience for it today.

Please post your results in the comment thread, and then we can work with the data tomorrow. Thanks!!!