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Your Son Is A Pitcher

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Let's say that your son is a high school pitcher, a very good one. Not Josh Beckett, but let's say your son is a solid prospect.

Here is your theoretical son:

6-3, 185 pounds. Righthanded pitcher and hitter. Throws 88-90 MPH right now, has a good curveball, but a mediocre changeup. He's never had a major injury, other than the normal stiffness and soreness after a game. His mechanics are fairly clean but not perfect. He is a good athlete but not an outstanding one. You live in Kansas. Your son is of average emotional maturity for an 18-year-old. He is bright and would do well in college. Scouts are telling you that, if he wants to sign, he would go in the third or fourth round.

So, what do you tell them? Do you tell your son to go into pro ball? Or do you encourage him to go to college? And if you want him to go to college, what program?