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Schedule Adjustment

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I am making some changes to the schedule today.

I have a massive headcold and feel like hell, so I'm going to shuffle some of these things around to lessen my workload for today. I am also changing the next prospect smackdown from Elbert vs. Patton to Elbert vs. Gio Gonzalez.

Tuesday: Crystal Ball: Robinson Cano; You're the GM!
Wednesday: Prospect Smackdown: Scott Elbert vs. Gio Gonzalez
Thursday: Is There Any Hope For Justin Morneau?; Prospect Retro: Jonny Gomes
Friday: Crystal Ball: Daric Barton; Prospect Smackdown: Hunter Pence vs. Matt Kemp
Saturday: National League Sleeper Prospect to Watch
Sunday: American League Sleeper Prospect to Watch
Monday: What Is Wrong With These Prospects? (Troy Patton, etc.)