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Schedule and Suggestion

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I am in the middle of finishing a research project right now and won't be able to get the Smackdown finished until late this afternoon. I'm also open to suggestions for the rest of the week. Fire away!

Sunday: Prospect Smackdown: Felix Pie vs. Andre Ethier
Monday: Prospect Retro: Aaron Harang
Tuesday: Prospect Smackdown: Scott Elbert vs. Troy Patton
Wednesday: Crystal Ball: Robinson Cano; You're the GM!
Thursday: Is There Any Hope For Justin Morneau?; Prospect Retro: Jonny Gomes
Friday: Crystal Ball: Daric Barton; Prospect Smackdown: Hunter Pence vs. Matt Kemp
Saturday: National League Sleeper Prospect to Watch
Sunday: American League Sleeper Prospect to Watch
There will be some Guess the Prospects! in there somewhere.