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The First Monday Before Draft Day

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As we build up to the Mock Draft next Sunday, and the Real Draft next Tuesday, I want to spend this week talking about the draft in general. In general we'll focus on sleepers, but today I want to point out one of the high school pitchers in the draft that I really, really like, Virginia high school righthander Jeremy Jeffress.

Jeffress is being projected as a mid-first-round pick. If he were three inches taller, he might be the top high school pitcher in the class. As it is, the 6-0, 175 pound righthander has a mid-90s fastball, a decent (but will need to be improved) breaking ball, good athleticism, and an easy delivery. Check out the MLB video of this kid.

He needs some work with his command, but for some reason my intuition is screaming about this one. I intend to take him in my personal Shadow Draft if he's still available at the Twins slot. What do you Mock Draft Scouting Directors think?