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A stressful day. My first radio show goes on in two hours....XM 175, 11 am central time. Tune in if you can. Someone suggested submitting email questions for the radio show and I think that's a good idea for the future.

This afternoon we are going to look at houses to buy. Scary stuff, we've never done this before, but it is time.

I have a bunch of draft material I am trying to knock together for the newsletter. I apologize for the delay, but between trying to prep for the radio show and fielding phone calls about mortgages it has been a busy week. Draft material for newsletter subscribers should start going out on Saturday and will continue daily until the draft itself.

I'm also working on the late May top prospect updates for the newsletter and Rotowire. It will be a busy weekend, but that's OK. First thing is to get the radio show off the ground.